Galeria de Benifallet
We live in an area where vitually every household possesses a chainsaw. Chainsaw sculpture is fast but can create some amazing works and I would love to think there were people out there who will rise to the challenge of creating a chainsaw sculpture out of say, olive wood?
What about creating stalagmites and stalactites out of wood too? This could serve to publicise the famous Benifallet “Coves Meravelles“, that are situated 4km out of the town.

A “Sculpture“ is a three dimensional piece of artwork. As such it can be made from virtually anything! Concentrating on donated and recycled materials available to the Benifallet Community Project means that there will be limitations. Creating large bronzes for instance can prove costly but it should not mean that there is going to be a compromise in the quality and interest of the work. We will just have to get a little more inventive!
We have so much rock in the area, predominantly limestone but there are  areas of granite and marble too.
The Coves Meravelles of Benifallet is most certainly a place to visit for inspiration. The formations are so diverse prooving that nature really does it best!
I guess it has more time than us sculptors!
Here are a couple of fantastic examples of how plastic can be cleverly recycled  to make a “dynamic“ eagle and an ornamental fish.
Both made by  Japanese artist “Sayaka Kajela Ganza.“
Mixing everyday objects with limited edition bronze castings, Lopez merged the two art forms to create Hybrid Metal Art, a sculptural fusion of figurative and funk, a blend of iron and bronze.