Art Therapy:
Amanda-Jane Collelldevall Coriminas
Galeria de Benifallet

It is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person's physical, mental, and emotional well-being, whatever your age! It can also be used as an educational tool that can change behavior, such as stopping violence or promoting healthy habits. Art Therapy promotes a sense of self-responsibility, self-awareness and CALMNESS the mental state of peace of mind being free from agitation, excitement, or disturbance.

How does it work?
Painting, drawing, and sculpting are a great hands-on treatment for a racing mind. People with stress, anxiety disorders, dyslexia, autism and ADHD can be substantially benifited by this activity. It can help you or your child gain focus, calm, and confidence.
The actual therapeutic process is understood as evolving around the painting process itself: Painting will induce an inner dialogue with the images produced - and   get the individuals in touch with their own feelings and needs in a purely non-verbal way.
It can help you or your child gain focus, calm, and confidence. A wonderful experience done together.
The pictures that can be created can make visible certain changes in the individual´s approach to  feelings or needs and promotes a sense of self-responsibility and self-awareness.
Animal Empathy:
1119929_527079227365794_733695294_o (450 x 600)
665185_414537771953274_1273279236_o (450 x 600)
1150646_529127553827628_606124558_o (450 x 600)
Boy 2 cats (600 x 450)
Me and my Birdie!
Naughty boys and Suzie (450 x 600)
As an owner of Art Galleries and Interior shops some years ago back in England, I had to train up employees to finish bespoke items. I divised a 'No Mistake' regime in paint finishing. This technique became a  positive therapy in itself. The young employees recieved a sense of purpose as they achieved the one off works of art.
As a consequence of this, I was asked to consider to take in some chidren from the head of a local Dyslexia Centre. I ended up mentoring several youngsters with ´so called´ learning difficulties using the 'No Mistake' technique, for some years.
This proved to be rewarding for all involved and teaching me that;
Dyslexia? Just because you are different doesn´t mean that you can´t be exceptional!

Art Therapy: Controlling Symptoms with Creativity.
I have always loved wildlife. As a child I wanted to be David Attenborough with an artistic lean!  I indeed was going to study wildlife illustration before opting to go into the publication of scenes for tourism, before galleries etc.
There have been many occasions in my life when my pets have prooved themselves essential, with unconditional love and cuddles always available!
Living in Benifallet with a mengerie of loving animals has now inspired me to find continue the path of my childhood dream and inspire others to ´feel´ the ´unconditional love and benifits of having a furry or hairy friend!
There is so much more than words in this life! You will realise this when a cat demands a hug and a dog nudges you for a stroke!

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